Aerial Fitness

Aerial Yoga & Aerial Hoop


Aerial Yoga Classes

Here are but a few of the many benefits of Aerial Yoga:
• Zero compression inversions
• Circulatory and lymphatic system refresh
• Stimulating the release of neurotransmitters from the brain.
• Decompression of spine through gentle traction
• Hydration of vertebral disks
• Increased muscular flexibility
• Core strengthening
• Upper and lower body muscular strengthening
• Increased kinaesthetic awareness
• Fine-tuning balance & agility
• More astute proprioceptor (sensory receptors) response
• Increased joint mobility
• Low impact cardiovascular conditioning
• Increased command/response acuity
• Greater cerebellum function
• Increased Neuromuscular plasticity
• Hormone stimulation
• Self-esteem enhancement through conquering basic fears
• More astute presence through mindful consciousness conditioning
• Learning of new skills: A creative and artistic fitness experience
• Uniquely fun experience that works risible muscles as well as functional muscles
• You will leave class feeling lighter
• Your posture will be improved and you will be taller (growth is not cumulative).

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Aerial Pilates

This class teaches Pilates fundamentals, based on the work of German bodywork pioneer Joseph Pilates: using aerial hammocks help to align the body, release tension, develop & strengthen stabilising muscles, improve core strength, and improve flexibility. Added benefits of the hammocks include full inversions to decompress joints, intensifying body weight through part suspension, balanced with total relaxation as you rest & de-stress in the hammocks.

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Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop is the newest way to get fit, usually in Circus schools this aerial fitness is taking our country by storm. HD&F are the ONLY studio in Welwyn Garden City to bring this great form of fitness to normal women. Get Fit and Have Fun and feel like your in the circus. Aerial Hoop is amazing for the abs and the best thing about this dance/fitness form is that anyone can do it. Our Instructors are fully Qualified and certified Hoop Instructors. We have 5 x Aerial Hoops which have all been weight tested and professional rigging equipment. MAX 3 people per hoop.

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Apolline (Beginner) / Vanessa (Intermediate)