Pole Fitness

Grace Strength & Conditioning

Beginner Pole

Beginners Pole Fitness Classes

Beginners Pole is the perfect way to build strength and work on conditioning. Work from the beginning, learning spins, conditioning and routines. Ideal for Beginners and those who have never tried pole before.

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Mixed Ability Pole

This class is perfect for all abilities. From beginner to advanced work on spins, conditioning and routines working to your level.

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Progression Pole

Once you have mastered the beginners move join our progression pole class, this class will work on progressing through your later beginner and intermediate moves. This class has a heavy emphasis on conditioning. You must have attended our Beginner Class first

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Pole Tricks

This class is for intermediate to advanced students only, learn the latest trick and work on conditioning. You must be able to invert competently to attend this class.

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